Farming Simulator 18 App Reviews

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It would be nice to see an updated Krone forager on the game like on the gaming system versions.

Case ihi

You need to add more tractors

Farm simulator by David Eugene gretton

I love this game but it needs a bridge near the farm place to get to the other side to grow your grass then the other thing is they should have a big machine that cuts grass and and sells it should be a big machine it should be like $2256.00 in the game ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I can't stop

Seriously... I have logged an unhealthy amount of time on this game... and I will continue to do so!!! This is way better than the previous version, and much more convenient than PC or Console. I love this game! The two recent equipment additions are excellent as well, love that the developers continue to update the game. The fields are way bigger than the previous version which I love, but they could still use more large fields (and less tight bridges). A list of my least favorite things or things that could be updated: Hay and livestock is tedious and bit pointless unless you just want something different (I understand IRL livestock requires more effort... but still), and all of the forage related equipment really needs some improved automation. Also a bigger cultivator maybe? And I wish the sprayer didn't get stuck on everything in automation mode. And wouldn't be upset if you managed to add an articulating tractor (and some John Deere)😁! Otherwise 5/5

Great game

This game is amazing I love playing this game to pass time it's so much fun but also I think there ghouls be a bigger disc and soy beans


The new planter is nice sized but you need a bigger cultivator then what you have now. Can't get fields worked fast enough. And please please can we get some John Deere equipment and some tractors about 350 hp would be awesome. I love the game but come on people if your going to have New Holland get some John Deere stuff also!!!!!!!!!!

Buyers beware

Why when I try to buy a truck on my iPads you never give it to me. If your going to put games on the iPads at least back it up! I've tried 3 times and all 3 times you never give it to me! Hello don't rip people off

The Bigger the better

Bigger fields on the game like real life. Some bigger equipment and add a Grain cart to the game please

Good game but needs updates

Fun game but needs more equipment and needs some hills all of map is flat

It's me on fire bro

It needs more vehicles I know in FS 17 there are bobcats FS 18 needs that too otherwise it needs some forklifts and ummmmm what are they like kinda a tree cuter but I little smaller what ever it is it needs to be added but it's great otherwise

Really good game

I like this game a lot it's really fun if you don't got much to do it would be nice if there was bigger plow and some class silage cutters would be awesome .also it would be nice if you could make your own field like in farming simulator 2017 but other wise it's a great game worth the $5

50 hours and counting!

For $5, and more than 50 hours of gameplay so far, this has been a tremendous purchase in terms of entertainment value for me. The game starts out a little slow, but as money starts coming in, you'll never be without something to do. A few things I wish you could do (but can't): -I really really would love it if the tractors remembered their last camera zoom level. I begin every play session zooming out all of my vehicles. Every, single, one, every, single, session. This feature would be a great one for sanity! -On a similar note, I wish there was a button to re-center the camera to vehicle-forward-center.

Not worth it

Stick with the 2016 version. This version is not nearly as much fun. The farms are way too far apart, the landscape gets in the way. It seems very disjointed like they only cared about the graphics and not the play. I'd ask for my money back if I could.

Where is the John Deere equipment?

There are a lot of people wondering about John Deere equipments. It would be awesome for the next update to include John Deere equipment... PLEASE INCLUDE JOHN DEERE EQUIPMENT... I love it but I want a JD.

Fun game

The game is fun and addictive, but it needs a bigger cultivator. The biggest cultivator available is small then the ones in farming simulator 16.

True Love

I met my loving wife on this app. I was playing one day and someone connected to my game via McDonald's wifi. It was love at first sight when she saw my big green tractor. Thank you for giving me a life 😩

Some improvements

This version is waayyy better than 2016 but I agree you need to make it where you can go other places: like into the city through the tunnels.And be able to buy houses and go in them at night to sleep,also you need skid steers and buckets for the front of dad works for Carter Machinery who makes the challenger tractors,so I'd like to see more challengers,NEVER JOHN DEERE.! I do like the game.

Great Game

Love the game! But... I've been having issues where fields that I've already fertilized are partially fertilized when I reopen the game. Very frustrating and cutting into my harvest.

This game is for hobos.

This game is for hobos.

More things

First of all there isn't much room to store all the equipment. So if you could add a big shed with maybe a overhead door that would be amazing. Then in the console games they have hills and a bigger map. Weather would be nice too. Lastly a sprayer like the CaseIH Patriot or something like that it would be greatly appreciated.

Pretty fun

Pretty great game to play with. I just wish there was more land to buy and work. More hay fields, four wheelers, skids, etc.... hope you can come with an update to make it bigger!

Great Game; needs bigger fields

I absolutely LOVE this game, and I have been playing it non-stop the past few days. This certainly was worth every penny that it costed. The reason I only gave it 4 stars was because all the fields are small and spread out. It's hard to make profit when the fields just don't produce much. I would give it 5 stars if they makers would PLEASE add at least a couple fields that are triple the size of the largest existing field.


I got this game, because of farming sim 17. I was so excited for it, until I started. I didn't know anything about it, so I played for 5 days. I had no clue how to get pigs, grow other kinds of crops, etc. after about a week and a half, it got super boring, and I still didn't know what to do. So make a good tutorial, so others know what to do. That is allowed have for this game.

A Few Suggestions

I love this app so far but have a few suggestions, my first would be in the next version of the app to add John Deere tractors, next it would be awesome to have bigger cultivators and planters to save time on that kind of stuff, another thing is the flatbed trailers acts like it is on ice when you are taking a corner and I would love if you could fix that, it would also be awesome if you could add other kinds of machinery like skid steers,sprayers,augers,four wheelers,mowers( to mow your own lawn),and grain carts. It would also be nice if you would add fields that could get up to 300 acres. I would also like if you could make multiplayer so you can connect as long as you are both on wifi (not necessarily the same router). It would also be nice if you could hire services like tree removal (one tree individual or a section that you could mark out your self). I would also love it if you could make the map bigger (so then you could have the option the transport grain cross country) and add buildings like elevators,quonsets, and sheds. My last suggestion is to have the option to buy houses(in the city or buy land in the country with a house). I realize this is a lot of stuff but I hope you can add as much a possible.

Add this

You should make a trailer for the hay for the eight 18 wheeler.pls me and my dad should love that.

Favorite mobile game

These farming simulator games I always keep coming back to and are so much fun to play. I yes would like to see more stuff but there is one thing I see with the entire farming simulator series of games, there is no way to organize your tractors. Please fix this problem it should be a easy fix and I have been waiting years for it. Just something to change the order my trucks are in, and if you want to go way above and beyond this add teams of trucks where you select one team and have certain trucks on the change truck buttons and say if you don't need one truck for a while you can park it and turn it off and it won't bother you till you make it active again. Please I beg you this would enhance the gameplay tremendously.

Awesome, but needs updated

Awesome app, same as #16. What it needs is a bigger cultivator. A big mulch finisher or something bigger than the current option. What would be really nice is to have a swather, like the Massey Ferguson windrower/swather. Also, a 4WD tractor would be cool along with the ability to choose tractors with dual rear wheels or add duals to the tractors. There are too many little tractors and not enough big tractor options. Another feature that would be nice would be to sell property that you have already purchased. To make the over all game 5 stars, including what I mentioned above, more larger fields would be great. The fields are spread out all over, but they are so small. At least in 16, the farther away from the farm you got, the bigger the field. The hay fields don't produce much, so to keep up with demand, make the fields bigger that you have to buy to make the trip worth it. Overall, great game. Make the above changes and it's an all time great.

Tractors etc

Need jhon deer stuff and more brands that are popular

Great game but

Needs a bigger selection of tractors,harvesters,and truck please make graphics better and add a body shop to customize trucks but really good game

Please read

Everything thing is great in the game so far. But I just bought the biggest harvester and I can't go across the bridge without taking the header off. This is very annoying and takes up a lot of time. Please fix this. My friend on his android doesn't have this problem

Amazing game but needs the bank like the console versions have.

This game is amazing but the start off is slow and boring maybe difficulty settings and a bank would be nice?

Good game

It's a good game to play when I have down time. Speaking of down time the game needs to add real break downs and service techs or self repair mode. Also a part store to purchase parts to do repairs.

Great, but graphics

Good game more tractors and cooler stuff. All it needs is better graphics and better graphics. Also you should be able to have more control of you tractor and a inside view of the vehicle.


it's good just i like it better on xbox

A little

I love the game it could just use a little work

Great app!!!

Totally worth the $5. I am addicted and can't stop playing. Great game Giants.


Please add large self propelled sprayer and maybe a UTV. Also add new sections to map and irrigation systems for better growing. Bigger cultivator and planter. Claas combines and more krone hay equipment.

Needs a larger map with bigger fields and machines!

The graphics on this game are alright, but the map is much to small. Also the controls need a more advanced option, they are great for small children but they are almost boring for anyone older than 8. The game also needs a larger planter and disk, because there are currently only 2 sizes and the larger one doesn't seem big enough for a large tractor. But overall the game has great potential if some improvements are made.

Buying animals

Someone tell me who to buy animals

I spent at least $30 on this game and it uninstalled itself between last night and today.

$30 just gone...

Please look giants!!!

Ok good but here's more suggestions,interer view,be able to get out of the vehicle,and more jobs/cultivaters and planters and tractor's, but otherwise good job!!!

Delta 9380 Header too large

Love the game really recommended. Just something that could get fix is so the header from the Delta 9380 wouldn't get stuck between the poles by the two default Fields you get at the start of the game. Making me take of the header and get a tractor to pull to the other side just to put back on get frustrating sometimes. Other than that the game runs like a charm.

Please add really big fields kinda like in real life so it feels much better to play

Please a big field like in real life


PLEASE READ THE REVIEW BY Jz302. This guy has some great ideas for the game. Would love to see some additions in soon updates.

Needs more stuff

It needs a bigger cultivator and sowing Machine it is needed when u have most of the Fields

Absolutely and amazing app

I love this app but I might add a couple requests that would be handy and simple! Maybe add a huge hay barn near the silos and at the harbor maybe add like a dolce where you can tell your ranch hand to go down and get some fish that you can sell also maybe make the map bigger and make it where like where the simi can go past the gates across the big bridges so you can sell your crops in a bigger city to make a little more money but overall this is a great app and I'm addicted to it and my family thinks I'm crazy haha!!!!!!!!!

More Settings!!!!

Make it like PC where you can buy placeable solar panels and windmills to get money and the setting to make it so crops don't die!! Then it will be 5 stars like PC is! And I think my Iphone 7 plus has no problem running this game so maybe some ultra improved graphics setting!

Great Game

For an app, this is a great game. If I was creating or updating this game, I would make map bigger, do a automatic short clip video when putting logs on log trailer (watching the action take place like the loading trailer for big equipment), and have a way of playing multiplayer outside your own wifi(household). These few things would I ask about doing. Other than that, for an app, I find it pretty pleasing. Great job Giants Software!!

Great game

Its a great game but the bridges need to be short enough to drive the combine over with the grain head on.

Best game ever

I stayed up 3 nights in a row playing I'm addicted

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