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Farming simulator 18

Needs a bigger harvester

Why can’t loaders come off the tractor

I really wish that you could make loader come off

Great game but does not fix screen on iPhone X screen

I love the game. But just got the iPhone X and it’s still good but it’s not using the full screen properly


Very good game just need to add restore purchases for coins.


So I can’t change the vehicle control settings I have to use tilt to steer I can’t you buttons why gone 2016

Cool game

Fun and no faulty game whatsoever, only thing I don't like is there's no John Deere, sad to say...please add John Deere next...

Fun but a few recommendations

Fun game but there could be more detail. This includes weather changes and the ability to do more with the map like access to the house and the ability to make it your own. When it gets cold the plants could crystallize And when it’s warm you can tell. And the vehicles need some interiors and ability to keep running when a vehicle is changed.

Amazing but needs some things

This game is amazing but it does need bigger mowers or self propelled mowers, and a self propelled potato and super beat harvester. Other then that this game is amazing and I highly recommend it.

Support for iPhone X?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Farming Simulator Games, content is great, I love it but I’m a bit sadden at the fact that the developers haven’t implemented the support to a brand new device and upped the resolution.

Money well spent

Can't buy a better game for only $5. A request to the developers: can you give us crop dusters?

Amazing game

I been makeing YouTube videos on the game it’s amazing I wish you could get out and cut trees like on the other verisons but it’s a really great game and wish there was weather and seasons on here like in winter time where you can only work with your animals

Great game

Overall the game is great but add a first person view for the real experience other than that perfect

Remove night mode

It's good game but need remove night mode cuz can't see on it and need updating it is graphics


This game is on point. Great graphics, good tool selection, gentle on battery and enjoyable economy. I find this game to be very rewarding as far as time spent to game progression. Some tools you will find are useless but many tools work well in harmony with each other. Tap to select or along with a free camera that locks when equipment is selected would be a nice feature. Scrolling through machines to get the one needed at any particular field gets daunting if your operation is large Or when large map is open assigning equipment to work fields from this screen could be helpful. I don’t know if the wind rower attachment is supposed to alter workers paths but it doesn’t. My workers still drive up and down entire meadow picking up nothing 50% of the time. That would be a nice fix. Thanks again for a great experience!

Where is the John Deere equipment?

This game is the worst without John Deere equipment..... Please make the costumers satisfied and include JD

Good game but needs updates

Fun game but needs more equipment and needs some hills all of map is flat and change the game so you can get mods

Great game

Great game. I love it!! I would like is to add more trucks and a skid loader. And front attacher too.

Maybe it’s just me.......

I have played all the farming simulators. This one is my favorite. And I advise anyone to buy it. I have only one complaint. I wish there was a way to lock the camera somehow. I have a tendency to move the camera instead of turning the farm equipment sometimes. It just gets a little frustrated. But, this is one great game!

Need to fix the condor

The condor is a good cultivator but there’s a problem also giant u guys should make a in cab view

Love it

Well to start off you can’t put in 50hrs of gameplay into a game if you don’t like it. I’ve played every farming simulator since I’ve heard of it on mobile. It’s a very addicting game. **Only thing I can say I have issues with is a bug where while my hired hands are either spraying and planting it seems every field I start on they want to wander completely off the field, it would be greatly appreciated if you guys could fix it.** Otherwise do other problems at all and continue to happily play for a very long time!

Love it

This is my third version of the game and I’ve loved all of them. Glad some of the equipment was upgraded but the new grain drill does not function well on smaller fields, hopefully this will be fixed somehow. Other than that I have hours of fun with this game.

Many hours of entertainment

I am a firm believer in free games, but I purchased this and have had a lot of fun with it. I’ve played around 45 hours of the game and I have one frustration with it. A point of the simulator is to expand your farming operations which requires a lot of automation. The problem is that all of the best equipment does not automate correctly (as the tractors attempt to turn around they simply get stuck on almost every single farm plot). I really hope they come up with a fix for it as that is my only complaint and anyone with a bunch of time into the game I am sure would agree.


Maybe u should open the gates and let us go where ever into the city and trading and stuff and let us walk into buildings and boating and stuff

No tutorial so I’m stuck not knowing what to do

Game seems fun but I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do or how to use anything.

Great game

Its a great game but the bridges need to be short enough to drive the combine over with the grain head on. And there needs to be some place to sell and store extra hay and straw that us baled. Like a market place where you can buy a flat trailer for the trucks and haul it to and sell it.

Great game!

Wish there was more of a variety of crops such as cotton, peanuts, etc. but other than that, great game.

Awesome updates

Current updates are great use grades!!! Thank you!!!!! A lot of time on graphics but scenery not why I buy the game. Fs14 had the best planter. Fs16 had the best cultivator. They all have ok tractors. Just feel disappointed with fs18. I would be happy to pay to unlock great implements like in fs 14, it was worth it!!! Please take time on farming equipment not scenery!!


I wish they made it with the trailer you can tow like 2 tractors and goose neck trailer for the pickup

More crops

Please add peanuts and cotton

💗💗 Over 70 hrs and counting! 💗💗

Hi, Giants Software! Thank you a million for adding a wider cultivator and wider sower! Definitely helps with getting the field cultivated sooner so you are planting sooner! These have made me one happy camper! I could use a better sugar beet harvester and potato harvester. Make a couple combines like the PC game has. One for sugar beets and one for the potatoes. Seriously, please get it moving with these better harvesters. Oh, and also, it would be nice to have a wider potato planter with a bigger hopper. You do this, and I will give you a thumbs up for whatever update contains them. For the people out their that are committed players or just enjoy the game every once in a while, I have found a some little tricks to maybe make the gameplay a little easier! (1) When changing from a tractor to a harvester or other machine, instead of hitting the left or right buttons to change the vehicle, hit the map button beside the three bars button, find the vehicle marked with a red dot, tap on it, then hit the back arrow at the side and you are in the vehicle. This has helped me especially when you get quite a few tractors and machines you get later on. (2) If you rotate your camera making the tractor off centered, you can double tap the red area on the movement bar when in motion to center your tractor on your screen. If you double tap again, it will reverse it so it looks like the tractor is moving toward you. Double tap again to switch it. (3) When making hay, or collecting grass for your cows and sheep to feed, you can mow your field, wait until it grows again, then mow it again to make a double layer of grass. I have did as many as 3-4 layers and that makes all the difference in how fast your grass collects in your forage wagon, or how many hay bales you make. But also keep in mind that only layer as many layers as you need to feed your animals. If you leave hay bales sitting on the field when it grows back, you might lose some. Not to worry you about it, but that has happened already to me. Buy more Arcussin Auto stacks to collect the bales after baling. That’s what I did when I did 3-4 layers of grass. (4) If your tractor, or harvester, or whatever ever runs out of fuel before you can get it to the fuel pump, you can haul it to the fuel pump with your semi truck and lowboy. That’s what that’s for, but I bet you already knew that.

Farm simulator by David Eugene gretton

I love this game but it needs a bridge near the farm place there should be a grass tractor in this game it gets very tired 😓😓😓

Great game but......

Great game, extremely addicting the only thing I would suggest is a new map. Other then that can’t complain.


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LOVE the game!

For only $5 you cannot find a better way to take up some time while on your phone, waiting for a meeting or appointment, or to just occupy your mind. This is a great game! The graphics are nice, details to the machinery and scenery are great, and the free roam form of it allows you to choose how YOU want to go about the game. I would like to see more cultivators, preferably one larger than the current largest one. In addition, I would love the ability to link several tippers together, that way, if there are several fields farther away you don’t have to drive back to the storage facilities to empty the tipper.

Great Game

Very addicting well worth the money. Ready for more updates. Maybe airplanes, map expansion, commercial fishing

Can't stop playing

I can't stop playing and honestly it makes me hate myself a little bit. But that's what iPhone apps are for, right?

Fun game

The game is fun and addictive, but it needs a bigger cultivator. The biggest cultivator available is smaller then the ones in farming simulator 16. Also let’s make it a little more real life like having it rain or mechanical issues with the equipment. Again the game is fun, but you just keep going and going. The money keeps coming in and you buy everything and keep going. With weather issues or mechanical issues you could potentially have a bad harvest and loose money. That’s realistic!!!

Spot on!

First off thanks for creating. FS 18 is awesome. Gameplay is dead on. Can be slow at beginning but the options become endless. From cows to forestry once you get rolling you can’t stop, and you won’t want to. 5/5

Update the game

I love this game it is my favorite game to play when I’m board but the thing that me and all the 20 friends are mad about is that the need to make a bigger cultivator they made a bigger seeder so pleas make a bigger cultivation and my friends and I will be crazy about this game

Missing opportunities

The starter fields are just that. Starter. Please give us the option to sell any field. Once you buy a large harvester it cannot access the back field without detaching the tools. That’s a problem that any reasonable player would eliminate by selling the problem off for good cash. Also, option to buy or sell and or relocate the silos would be nice. We’re moving heavy equipment....surely moving a silo is possible IRL.

Great game & selection!

I think that this game has a great vast selection vehicles! I spend lots of time tending my farms. But i beleive that for multiplayer you should give the mobile app servers like the pc’s and consoles. For everyone reading this, if you dont have the game, BUY IT!

121 hours in

Great controls and graphics. Challenging and fun

Very disappointed

This game is great if you get your rocks off trying to reverse trailers...or if you like having tools you purchased stuck in a corner that you can't get to. Complete waste of time and money...but interesting concept

New truck

Great game the only thing I would like to see is a bigger pick up truck to get across the map faster with trailers


Can y’all add a cotton picker

Can I play with my friend who has an android

He bought it and I’m curious

Love it

I’m a logger by heart so I love the logging part of this game. Add a triaxle log truck with a loader on it👍🏻👍🏻 actually all you need to do to make it good is make the forwarder able to unload onto log trucks. Then definitely 5 stars 😁

Good but needs somethings

It's a great game but they need to add more tractors and combines they also need to add bigger fields

Amazing game!!!

This is the best game I have period!!! I have an iPad Pro But for some reason I cannot purchase any money in game. It’s getting very frustrating! So hopefully that will get fixed soon and I’m sure it will. But besides that this is absolutely THE BEST GAME I HAVE!


Omg this game is so good, I played it 7 hours straight once keep up the good work 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

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