Farming Simulator 18 App Reviews

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Things that would make like this game even more.

1.If you could get out. 2.If their was a attachment that you could use to clean your tractors with. 3. If you had a house and you could go in and you could have pets and you could park the pickup truck.

Up date plz

Can you add first person plz

Not as good as I hoped

This is not a bad game, that’s why I gave it four stars, but I was expecting a lot more. It’s really not that much different from the 2016 version but other than that it was a good game. The graphics are pretty bad still they look about as good as a 2014 Mobile game that I had a while back and it was really good for its time. I was just expecting a lot more. So really unless you want front loaders I would recommend buying the 2016 version because it seems to lag a little bit less.

Amazing !

Tbh it’s good for being on mobile but a suggestion that I would prefer is to have tractor options even though that’s a lot to ask for it’s something that can probably be done also to have tractors with duals or even the big challenger tractor 🤷🏼‍♂️

Read this

Hello there I love this game and all but I just wish there was a first person view in all of the vehicles I also wish you could get out of the vehicles

Money transactions

I am very dissapointed, I have made 2 separate transactions of the 2.99 packages of 2,000,000 and instead of the listed money I only recirved 1,000,000 this needs to be corrected and my review can be changed

How do I sell vehicles ?

How do I sell vehicles ?

Getting old.

The game was fun at first but after awhile it just gets old. How about a new map THEN new equipment?🤔

More tractors

This is starting to get boring i want more case and john deere tractors i love the game you guys need to do a lots more updates please

I want my money back

I spent $15.99 on this game and I don’t the money I paid for!!!

Great game but could be better

Giant’s Software please read. I have at least 40 hours into this game already and I am just addicted.(not literally) a thing that I would like to see is having road trains. All you really need to do is set up the trailers to connect to the dolly. Also first person would be cool. One more thing is having a version that would be from the USA. It’s a fun game and would recommend it to anyone that is into farming. Just please add more things.


Need to make it more real and me to fix the multiplayer

Where's John Deere?

Where is John Deere. They have to put in John Deere!!

Love this game!!!

The graphics are so realistic, I love that there are so many pieces of equipment that you can buy with coins from the game, but in my opinion I would not buy coins because there are so many ways to earn them plus that’s the fun of it is earning coins by doing crops, forestry, milk, cotton, and missions. I love that your crops don’t grow and whither when you are off the game and I love that you can choose tilt drive or to use a slider. Nothing about this game disappoints me!!!

The money

The games fun but the prices of the equipment is so unrealistic other than that the game is overall fun but there should be first person view


Need better equipment such as sell propelled sprayers, different brand big balers and be able to farm different crops


Love the game! Nothing to complain about. Good time waster.

For the next one

Have several different maps more American made tractors. Make tha maps have physical features. More than one truck. Be able to customize tractors/semis like double tires triple tires and weighted tires.


It is cool

Fun but add more

Ad more map and selling points it’s a small map and selling points are getting boring.Also should add a shop where u could add stuff like cones to block off traffic etc. etc. and also u need a trailer to pick it up.make it more like FS 18 on PC and XBOX.U should also add a slotterhouse where u need to bring the animal trailer to stolter animals cows pigs for money.also should add more animals like goats they would eat hay and make goat cheese and cheese. Again it would need a special trailer to take the cheese in and sell it at new points.also make mission like mow the fields or harvest the fields etc. etc. add more stuff in the shop.


I LOVE the game. I have read reviews for other games and they are all about ads but this game has no ads.super fun so worth my money

Ripped off

I used money to buy coins, it took it out of my iTunes, but said failed and I never got my coins even though I paid for them

Need First person gaming

We need first person game in so it’s fine do you have walking people and your self to.

First person

Maybe you could ad a first person into the game. Like when you click a button on the screen and you go into the vehicle and you get a first person view and make the cabin realistic cause that would be cool. Just an idea.


The fact there are very few attachments to use with the loader on the MF 5610 and other tractors that have it is a bit sad, but other than that 5 stars. Also maybe consider adding a big slurry tanker that attaches to both semi trucks that can carry about the same amount of stuff as the biggest tipper in the game. Also maybe consider adding the ability to make road trains to carry more stuff to make more $$$. Having self propelled potato and sugar beet harvesters would be so nice too. Being able to attach stuff to the front of your tractor would be nice, for example attach a mower to the front and a tedder to the back and you have a hay making machine. Having the ability for harvesters to power balers and loading wagons towed behind them would be nice too.


My tractors won’t turn how do I switch the settings,I went to settings and it won’t let me

Awesome game

It would be better with hills and excavators and bulldozers four wheelers mountains four wheeler trails but this game is awesome

Don’t like it

Why well because when I was watching videos for my Xbox I was looking mad I said to my self wow I can do lawn care and snow plow but oh no not on here can u please make it so we can change the mod

Need more updates

I think they need to update it where the construction is over and the map is bigger then they need better graphics or on farming simulator 2020 they need to make the land a lot bigger and add more vehicles and they need to make it like it is on the ps3


This is the best game I have ever played in my life and a bought coins to get land and equipment and it was awesome and the lay out is awesome.

Needs more vehicles and attach items

Add snow plow and construction vehicles

Skid steer

It would be nice to have a skid steer

More options to control vehicles

I really don’t like the horizontal control I like having the wheel as an option thank u

The Steering

Don’t get me wrong this game is amazing. I love it. But, the steering of the vehicles and all that makes my arms hurt after just 10 min of me just laying in bed playing this game. I would love to just maybe have to tap one side of the phone screen to turn one way and then another side to turn the other way or you could have a steering wheel or something like that at the bottom left/right of the screen. You can change the steering wheel from the left of the car screen to the right of the screen (and vise-versa) in the setting. The tilting the phone thing again really makes my arms hurt. But, other than that the game is amazing. If you would change the steering to one of my suggestions or what ever you feel like doing , that would be amazing! Thank you!

Excess crops

Hey I love this game except there's no crop duster, straw chopper (which goes on the rear of a combine)

Want a refund



Great game but I think you should add more tools from 16 and 14 for more stuff. Also you should add front attachments like mowers and weights and add detachable front loaders also let us get out of our vehicles and stop giving all the good stuff to computer players and add some of that stuff our games add loans


I would suggest making the equipment wear out over time or have it break down and need to be repaired. That would be more real life and would make the game less monotonous.

Day/Night toggle and more equipment please

I would really like to see more equipment particularly a trackhoe with a logging grapple and workable blade. I do tree removal for a living in the North GA mountains. We use this equipment for tracking out the trees and brush and loading them onto our truck. It’s kind of the heart of our operation. Also the Buffalo is for forwarding the logs out of the tough spots to be loaded onto a semi and taken to the mill. That vehicle isn’t meant to haul logs to the mill. More levels would be cool too. Great job this game is addicting.

Needs more equipment

For the front loaders I wish there was a bucket you could buy. I also wish there was other little equipment that you could also buy and a gooseneck trailer for the trucks and different trucks. Other than wanting more equipment game is good.

I’m sort of disappointed

This game is great in all, but I was expecting more from it. I want to see things like a roomba to clean up manure, construction vehicles and capabilities, a bigger farm, more vehicles, and definitely the ability to exit vehicles and enter them at will.

I love this game so much

This game is so amazing just wish it had cotton


Great game ... but could you like include a fire station and trucks in the next one ???

More crops

I think that it would be a good idea if there was cotton and sugar cane as crops in this game.

Great app

Love the app it’s really enjoyable. The only downfall is it needs to update the equipment. Like self propelled fertilizer applicators more Americanized planters and tillage equipment. As well as better semi choices

Loyal Fan

I love this game and my family thinks I’m crazy. My only real complaint is map size. It would really be nice to load my equipment up and actually have to drive a decent distance to work a field or sell my crops.

I’m disappointed

I bought 1 million coin but they never came I think I got scammed


Can you add shadows to the game and it’s also a great game to play

Fs 17

Fs15,14,13,16,17,19,18 is so cool 🙂🚜🏝


The land layout is worse than fs 16 and there are still glitches with the automated AI driver. The vehicles get stuck on fences, buildings, etc and do not make it to their destinations. I would not recommend the purchase at all. If anything get fs 16 and buy the coins for equipment. I would really like to see a farm game that works and has more in game options. The Automation needs to be better in order to expand and diversify. I cannot manage even half the map on fs16 and play all the various equipment/plots at the speed it takes to harvest.

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