Farming Simulator 18 App Reviews

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The game is fun

Hi your game is awesome but you need to add a chainsaw and a skiddloder and options to add tracks to the tractors and you need to add a four wheeler and razors please do this I would be happy.


Hi there, can I put a request in for a new update. I would like to have a skid steer of some sort.

More detailed maps

I love this game me and my best friend play this game together but I would like it more if there were more maps that were more detailed like Farming Simulator 17 on PC case in point the map Green River and also it would be great if there were mods that we could install

Great game

Very fun game but it would be great if you could add more different kinds of animals, fruits trees, vegetables plants, grass, more manure, fishes, lobsters, carbs, more vehicles, more machines, more trailers and all for the vehicles to have more capacity to have lost of gasoline, meats, barks, honeys and each time you put your vehicles on to the trailer it won't takes the money away from it and when you take off the vehicle also takes your money to fix for the next update please.

Needs more things

I think it is awesome but it could use some things like a grain cart for the tractors so you can dump grain into the semi or trailers that hull grain and the last thing I want added is fuel barrels to pull around. Because 14 had them and 16 didn’t so I’d like it to have fuel barrels so a machine runs out of fuel I can fill it up without driving so far. And one more thing it should have a snowplow for the pickup and snow season so we can do snow removal.

Love it but...

It's a really good game but you should have controls for the front loader.

Great game! A few suggestions!

Overall this is a really fun game and I have been sinking a lot of hours into it! I like the mechanics of this game over the competitors and I like the hints they give. I wish there was a way to improve your property- expand storage etc. Also wish there was an option to pay for a bridge to be built between the home farm and the fields by the RR. A little more fleshed out help manual explaining the icons in the machine purchasing area would have been nice and saved me from buying a few wrong machinery. Watch out- some of the harvesting heads will only work with tractors of the same make. Over all an awesome game!

Relly Good Game But..

This game is good but it cinda cotta be better than FS17.

I Love It

The reason why I put 4 stars is because I love the game but all the farming games you can’t exit the equipment I wish you can have tobacco it is one of the top three plants and wish there is John Deere equipment it needs to have a air seeder to but so far the game is ok

Great game

This game is great!! 3 things I would like added is that (1) you can restore purchases that you purchased (2) you could rent tractors and equipment and (3) you could sell your fields. If you add this to the update I would love the game more than I do right now!!


The fact there are very few attachments to use with the loader on the MF 5610 and other tractors that have it is a bit sad, but other than that 5 stars. Also maybe consider adding a big slurry tanker that attaches to both semi trucks that can carry about the same amount of stuff as the biggest tipper in the game. Also maybe consider adding the ability to make road trains to carry more stuff to make more $$$. Having self propelled potato and sugar beet harvesters would be so nice too. Being able to attach stuff to the front of your tractor would be nice, for example attach a mower to the front and a tedder to the back and you have a hay making machine

Ok needs improvement

This game is a good app, but is not as good as 16 I played a long time on 16 and was very connected. When 18 came out I was very excited. The equipment on 18 was way better than the equipment on 16. The map of 16 was hands down my favorite.overall I'm disappointed.


It’s really a good game, but it just doesn’t have the quality I usually find in other simulators. I also wish that it was more organised. The last thing is that I wish there where more cars. Besides that it’s a great game 👍🏻.

GREAT APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the app great graphics best on iPhone and ipad But I wish you could walk around the farm

Great game

I love the game. Very fun. One question though. How do I sell my pigs?


I've never been a fan or these types of games but this just changed everything. Farming simulator 18 is well worth the money based on the time that you will put into it. I've been playing for a play time of 48 hours. That's right 48 hours of gameplay and still counting. Farming simulator never gets boring. Eventually you'll stop playing it and maybe delete it but within 2 weeks you'll re download it and be happy that iCloud exists. I highly recommend it. Also not too much IAP's in game. Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy. Cya.

Many hours watching grass grow . . .

This franchise has sucked up a lot of my life, in the best way. My only wish is that they would have multiple boards to choose from within each release vs only one every other year. I love the western theme of ‘18. I still wish they would improve the AI for the auto drive. They wander off more often than not, run into each other and take the most circuitous route possible.

Nice and improve

Overall the game is well made and tons of fun. Needs a few bigger fields. Also a bigger livestock trailer is very much needed, and try and get John Deere on board too. Also the map needs a better layout with fewer bridges and maybe a Great Plains layout, instead of in the middle of the Grand Canyon.


I wish it had more wood that you could cut down and more thing to do rather than farming

We’re can I restore my purchases

I spent like $12 for money in the game and my phone had something wrong so I sent it back and got the same phone but works better ( iPhone 6s ) and I downloaded the game again and I thought it would save my purchases but it didn’t please fix this I love the game. You guys need to add more maps to go on, add first person driving, add more tractors, add DLC packs and skid steers wheel loaders excavators add options for tractors like have 4 tires in the front and 8 tires in the back make the game more fun. Hope you could add this and tell me what you think.


My little boy loves it!

Lost memory

I got a new phone and lost everything that I have done. Very disappointing

New equipment

Let’s see some new stuff we pay for if create it

Stupid game I can’t lie

I just wanted a good game for my iPod 📱💪Butt I hate that you can’t exit the tractors and get the game on your computer or Xbox It’s also a waste of money and I don’t get it for 4 💵 🖥📲

No Updates!

Would be nice to update it every so often. Needs work on ai drivers and a few more options to buy on the harvesters, Best harvester won't go most places as it's blade is to big for bridges. I may have to Pass on next version as this one is worse than 16 was....👎


I would love my money back on this game. Loved previous versions but this one is not good. Bad layout of the map. Can’t hardly get around and the headers on the equipment can’t fit through the bridges. I would be happy if they game me back my money or made a new map.

Awesome Game!

I love this game and recommend it to others. However a few things they could add would be a flat bed trailer to haul equipment that hooks up to the pickup, some equipment sheds, and also where you could haul a tractor and trailer together on the the flat bed for the semi truck. I also wish there was another bridge. But other then that I love it and play it all the time.


Nice relaxing game

Rather disapointed

Played 14 and for the time it's been out played many many hours on 16, when I paid and downloaded 18, I bought lots of coins to get land and equipment, but to my dismay, there is not really much difference in game play or graphics between 16 and 18. the auto drive in 16 was bad enough, but was tolerable, but did not expect 18 to be worse, they look like drunk drivers spinning 340 degree turns when all the had to do was take off the other way, can't fit in the bridges without getting stuck on bridge rails, and the animal trailer is junk, been feeding pigs gobs and have many, but can't load nor sale them, or cows.. The slaughter house don't work and the hired help is too high, watch your numbers go down fast as a driver hauls a load for you... And what's with the small fields? I do love FS, as it's a great pass time, but if the developers don't make it BETTEr the the previous versions, then what's the sense in making new games? And farming location? Who was on crack when they picked this layout? Very unsatisfied

Awesome game

Awesome game but when you poses all the farms around, start getting little repetitive. Recommendation next time make an expansion. Make a big map and more equipment.

Love this game

Me and my dad love this game and my brother and I love it on the Xbox one or PS4

Great game with a few improvements needed

Seemingly endless gameplay that you can play as often as you want, as much as you want. This definitely sets it apart in the freemium energy pointless-waiting app world we live in. A few improvements I’d love to see, to make regular gameplay less annoying: —Save vehicle camera zoom levels. Every time I open the game, vehicles are fully zoomed in. I play fully zoomed out, so every time I play, I have to fully zoom out dozens of vehicle cameras. —Add a quick camera auto-center button or functionality. When my finger accidentally drags the camera to the side, i want to be able to quickly re-center the camera, instead of the slow careful drag, accompanied with the judgement call if its centered or not again. —Add a camera rotate invert option in the menu. When I drag left, the camera looks left, as if I’m dragging the camera. I want the opposite. I want to drag the ground. When I drag left, I want to see to the right. Just give me that option with a simple toggle.

New update plz

I want to be able to access the inside of the cars and other stuff...

Waste of $

Buy something else

Fun game

Its a really fun game I just wish the fields were bigger, once you get the big equipment it only takes 3 passes to do a field


Great game but I think you should add more tools from 16 and 14 for more stuff. Also you should add front attachments like mowers and weights and add detachable front loaders also let us get out of our vehicles and stop giving all the good stuff to computer players and add some of that stuff our games


Good game, I have 14, 16, and 18 on my iPad. It would be nice if somehow you could import the currency to the newest game. Also issues I found were that the gyroscope doesn't work. After a while it turns no matter how you tilt you're phone. If you do all these things, I will come back and rate it 5 stars! Also please add some John Deere equipment, that would be cool. Also I want to compliment on your automatic driving! It is very amazing, and the worker knows right where to go and goes smoothly around obstacles. Also, I will continue to play this game even more because it surprisingly is easy on your battery! Great game. Thanks!

Needs a first person driving!

I recently bought this game and I can’t believe other games that are free have a first person driving and this one doesn’t, I’m liking the game is just that you need to feel that you’re actually there

Can’t stop playing just needs more things.

This game is great I have played it for hours. I am looking forward to more updates. I hope there is a 4WD tractors added and a grain cart because the semi has a hard time lining up with the combine.


I love the game but I think they need to make the front wheels on the big black bale trailer turn like a dolly trailer. Also they should make new equipment and add in new brand of things like John deer. Also you should make bigger equipment. Overall tho it’s a fun game. I love the new cultivator and the planter and the new vaulter tractors. They should add in class equipment too. Also you should add in the feature where you can get out of your equipment

Great game!!!

I love this game.I was pleased to find out that it works without WiFi.It would be nice if Giants added a skid-steer and fourweeler.Overall this game is great.


The game is awesome I have 3 different things I do on each server but there should be mods, more sheds, and different maps

Please reply

When is the next game coming out????


Still Surprising me every year. Love the game maybe next year or on a update write in a way so you can put your tractors in whatever order you want. Thanks keep up the good work


I would give five if it had a bigger livestock trailer to haul animals with to buy or sell !!

Disappointed in one of my favorite apps

Game play is stale. Equipment and layout are better in FS 16. I wasted my money without getting into the game. Cloud function still does not work. Fields are too small, too many obstacles to use the auto drive feature, not sure who farms the Grand Canyon, or who farms in the middle of a city. Not much thought went into the planning of this game. I would delete if I had not already spent $40 on it. With the cloud function not operating, I would lose all of that. I really hope there is an improvement. And why do you not honor the amount of money people put into the previous versions? I spent money on all of the previous versions only to have to start over completely each time a new one was developed. I really hope you read the reviews and improve this game. I absolutely love the FS brand and would love to keep supporting your company but I will not put another dime into FS 18. I am disappointed in the new experience.

What happened??

Love this game! One really big issue happened since the last update. The gyro or horizon tilt. When I first start the game it’s fine but with in a few minutes everything is starting to turn left. The longer I play the worse it gets!


Best farm app ever

Absolutely and amazing app

I love this app but I might add a couple requests that would be handy and simple! Maybe add a huge hay barn near the silos and at the harbor maybe add like a dolce where you can tell your ranch hand to go down and get some fish that you can sell also maybe make the map bigger and make it where like where the simi can go past the gates across the big bridges so you can sell your crops in a bigger city to make a little more money but overall this is a great app and I'm addicted to it and my family thinks I'm crazy haha!!!!!!!!! Also it would be nice if there was like a big Diesel truck the truck on the game is fast and I like that it just slows way down why you put anything on it also maybe add a big stock trailer for the simi

Won’t steer??

Does anyone know why I can’t steer? It won’t move I tried to tilt and it won’t do anything. Everything els works fine!

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